What is it? (2017)


[Moving Image]

With the advent of the digital age, we are addicted to huff and puff of information pleasure without introspection and resistance, so as to fill the reality gap. From news events to personal life, crazy growth of information instead of the meaning of existence by updating speed, when the inner noise of individual consciousness, whether we can continue to compromise?

It is made by using the screen recording, material collage, and effects processing etc. which is to make the feeling of facing information dramatize, then rehearse and perform everything on the computer desktop. Hope that can reflect the nothingness hidden in the reality gap and the information on the “canvas” —— the screen, which is to wake up staring at the screen viewer’s self consciousness.

随着数字时代的到来,我们未经反思和抵抗便沉迷于吞吐信息的快感,并以此来填补日益扩大的现实间隙(reality gap)。从新闻事件到个人生活,疯狂增长的信息用更新的速度替代了存在的意义,当其聒噪声淹没了个体意识,我们是否还能继续妥协?