Squandering for Beautiful Eyes (2017-2019)

乱花渐欲迷人眼 (2017-2019)

[Photography, Interactive Video, Installation]

::Interactive video::


::Interactive installation::

Keywords: Technology, Symbolization, Dynamic environment

In this set of the interaction moving images Squandering for Beautiful Eyes (2017-2019), the acceleration of the rotation of the image as the person approaches the fan image can be understood as an attitude towards the current environment – the authorities are obsessed.  The development of science and technology enables people to enjoy the convenience brought by high efficiency and bring a pleasant experience. At the same time, the confusing eyes make people unable to see the essence of things. It is like the early spring of wildflowers, which is open to the public, full of vitality and makes people fascinated but different forms make people dazzled. No one can judge whether it is better to be far away to stay awake, or to be closer to the beautiful illusion it brings, it depends on their own attitudes.

Squandering for Beautiful Eyes (2017-2019) includes installations, photographs, and interactive moving images three parts. The interactive moving images are developed from the photographs which took the series of installations made from lots of images with symbol properties. As time goes on, symbol meaning will show its complexity. The artist collected a large number of images with symbolic attributes that are common in daily life, and rearranged them according to their usefulness on the fan blades of the electric fan. When these fans are energized, the originally still symbolic image attached to the fan blade is transformed into an abstractly digital trace. The artist hopes that the symbolic objects or events will be presented in the development of contemporary people’s psychological uncertainty and emptiness in this rude way.

However, in the long historical timeline, the source of these digital traces has long been lost. A static symbol image is physically just an image. What is an object before it is converted into a symbol image? Why is this object still there? How many traces of a current object on the historical timeline?

在这组交互影像中,呈现在屏幕上的图像是斑斓绚丽的由数码图像拼接而成的图像, 随着人的靠近风扇图像的旋转随之加快,直到模糊看不清楚具体图案,这可以理解为身处当下环境当局者迷的状态。科技的发展能使人享受高效率带来的便利,带来愉快的体验。同时,迷惑人的双眼使人看不清事物的本质。犹如野花竞相开放的早春气象,充满生机使人为之着迷却又形态各异使人眼花缭乱。没有人可以判断是远观保持清醒更好,还是靠近它带来的美好假象更好,一切好坏都由自身的态度决定。