Notes on Baqi

– Mock Autobiography of a Normal Person Who Extended Her Life Through Scientific Technology

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This is the proposal of a serials of episodes, which is a long-term project and always looking for collaboration. Whether you are a musician, screenwriter, or programmer, if you are interested in this project, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Published by EVA London in EVA London 2020

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1 Introduction

Recently there has been mounting interest in scientific technology and human beings. One popular field concerns human life extension, which connects scientific technology and human beings most directly, resulting in a number of research institutions starting to pay for it. Since 2007, more than $4 billion has been invested directly in research that extends human life. Investors include companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Some of researchers are opposed to this behaviour, as an anti-natural point, which argues that life extension is harmful for the development of humanity and our entire society from both a sociological and anthropological perspective.

However, it is therefore well worthwhile to discuss what scientific technology has brought to humanity through life extension, from various perspectives. This paper will start by describing the fictional story of the film I am planning, the technology that I will employ, and the plans for its final presentation. Following the introduction of the film, the future concept and final conclusion will be presented. Allow me to explain in advance, that this work should be seen as a long-term project. It will be presented purely video work, which is based on both sci-fi film and mock documentary.

2 ‘Baqi’ is a 280-year-old female artist

‘Baqi’ (My imaginary character in this mock autobiography) is currently a 280-year-old female artist, who was born in China in 1994. As one the very first generation who extended her life through scientific technology, she decided to present her whole life to the public before submitting her death application to the government. The entire mock autobiography will start from the highly technical development environment of the Baqi’s youth and her teenage years.

Based on the timeline, she continues to talk about her career as a professional artist in adulthood, as well as the turning point of achieving external life throughout her own life. At the end of the film, the whole process of submitting her death application to the government will be represented.

3 Methodology

Machine learning and deep learning will be employed in this film to generate the story of the mock autobiography from online information. Firstly, some of Baqi’s keywords, which is relate to her identity will be listed, such as female, artist, Chinese etc. Then the posts according to those key words will be collected from social media through data collecting. Finally, the autobiographical film script would be generated using machine learning and I will then follow this script to make the film.

Since all of the information for the script will be collected from online sources, the film will be uploaded back onto YouTube as a series of VLOGS (separate episodes) with a small topic for each episode. That is to say, this series of videos will be filmed from point of view.

4 Social issues

Various social issues will be discussed through the topic of life extension, so that human beings can reflect on their current behaviour. For example, after life becomes unequal, will it be used as capital for capital operation?

5 Conclusion

What will happen next when the earth cannot hold such large population? Some older generations whose attitudes are out-dated have conservative attitudes to certain issues, such as immigration and gender issues. If these people have been alive, what will happen to society? At present, many European countries retain the street view of a hundred years ago, while current China has turned upside down compared with ten years ago. What kind of experience is it to experience this historical change in person?